Predatory Lending - How to Recognize it and Hold Banks Accountable


Hi My name is Brian Mahany, I am the founder and principal of MahanyLaw, a national boutique law firm that represents commercial borrowers. Unlike most lender liability lawyers that represent banks, we don’t. Our practice is geared towards borrowers.

Today’s topic is predatory lending. Banks that don’t keep their promises are predatory lenders. The term “predatory lending” includes any unfair, deceptive or fraudulent lending practice or scheme during the loan origination process.

Predatory lending can also take place during loan servicing and when it comes time to renew a loan. False defaults, foot dragging at renewal time, and a sudden change in loan terms are also predatory practices. This includes banks that demand additional collateral, fees or guaranties on the day of loan signing.

Banks that engage in these schemes are dangerous. They have the power to destroy your business overnight.

At MahanyLaw, we are committed to combatting abusive and unfair banking practices. Many law firms won’t sue a bank. They either have conflicts of interest or lack the skills to take on a powerful bank. We are different and are one of the few law firms that concentrate on holding banks accountable to their customers. We have the experience and confidence to sue banks no matter what their size.

If you or your business is the victim of predatory banking practices, contact us immediately. We understand the needs of business borrowers, the banking industry and the law. Our practice is geared solely to protect borrowers just like you.