Our Legal Team – Lender Liability Lawyers

Brian Mahany

Brian Mahany is the managing partner and founder of MahanyLaw, a Fraud Recovery, Lender Liability, CMBS Litigation, Whistleblower (False Claims Act, SEC and IRS), and Legal & Accounting Malpractice law firm with a national footprint.

Brian helps fraud victims recover their money in complex multi-state or international financial or investment frauds, assists people who report fraud against the U.S. government ("whistleblowers"), and helps people recover their losses from bad or fraudulent legal or accounting advice (legal and accounting malpractice). His clients have recovered (received) over $100 million dollars from major banks.

Brian is best known for serving as one of the lead plaintiff’s counsel in the recent $16.65 billion settlement against Bank of America, the largest civil recovery against a single defendant in the history of the United States.

His practice philosophy is that every client is important: We return calls, treat everyone with respect, are transparent and equitable in our billing, and always outwork our opponents. We have had some remarkable outcomes you can see at my website BrianMahany.com and the firm’s website, MahanyLaw.com.

Brian blogs regularly on financial chicanery, contributes articles to financial publications, and has a new book Saints, Sinners, & Heroes, Covert Ops in the War Against the C-Suite Mafia coming out in March. Brian also speaks frequently at financial and business events on topics ranging from lender liability to financial fraud and False Claims Act whistleblower cases.

Often his cases and/or commentary appear in/on national media outlets, trade publications, and the financial press in the U.S. and abroad.

Chris Katers

Chris Katers is a partner at Judge, Lang and Katers, a full service banking and real estate litigation firm. Chris has litigated CMBS and banking cases across the United States ranging in size to over $100 million. He also served as counsel in one of the largest shareholder derivative cases in the Midwest.

We Help Individuals & Businesses Sue Banks and Other Financial Institutions

Together Brian and Chris, and their deep bench of litigators, have joined forces to help victims of big banks. From helping individuals battle banks (Brian helped a 92 year old woman forced to sign a personal guaranty) to representing businesses in cases against major money center banks, Brian and Chris aren’t afraid to sue banks and others in the financial arena.

Chris Katers and Brian Mahany have represented dozens of tenant-in-common investors (TICs) in claims against U.S. Bank, CWCapital, LNR Partners and Wells Fargo, some of the biggest names in the banking and Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities (CMBS) arena.

If your bank or other fiduciary violated its duty of good faith and fair dealing and you suffered substantial financial loss, we can help. Call Brian Mahany or Chris Katers for a confidential no-cost consult to learn your options.