Important Coronavirus Legal Information

The lawyers at Mahany Law and our network partners throughout the United States understand the stress and uncertainty surrounding coronavirus. While the quarantines and states of emergency won’t last forever, our lives have been permanently changed. The legal issues surrounding the pandemic will be debated in courts for years. Our clients need answers today, however.

While we can’t answer all your coronavirus legal questions, we have posted several general information articles specifically related to the current pandemic. As new information becomes available, we will update these posts. Many of the posts will have links to insure you receive current information.

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Coronavirus Posts

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Coronavirus and CMBS Loans

Student housing, malls and hotels. What do they have in common? Many are empty right now and many were financed by commercial mortgage backed securities. Unlike traditional lenders who often are willing to work with struggling borrowers, CMBS trusts have no employees or even an office. Getting relief is much more challenging but possible. We discuss how to keep the wolves at bay and protect your investment and equity.

Order Shutting Hotels May Bolster Coronavirus Insurance Claims.

Miami Dade County has issued an order closing hotels while many states have issued stay in place orders which effectively shut down hotels and other hospitality businesses. Learn what types of business loss insurance might be available and how to fight back if your coronavirus related claim is denied.

Coronavirus in Our Jails – Keeping Inmates Safe.

Several jails and prisons already have confirmed cases of coronavirus. Can prison officials keep the deadly disease from spreading? Inmates don’t have the ability to easily self-quarantine or practice “social distancing.” Halting family visits is a temporary fix that might slow infection rates but do little to stop the disease from racing through a facility, especially since most of our jails are overcrowded and don’t offer the luxuries of face masks and hand sanitizer. If jails can’t stop flu epidemics and MRSA infections, how can they stop the highly infectious coronavirus? [This post is a good read too for corrections officers and jail staff. Although they go home at the end of their shift, they are still in close quarters much of the day.]

Coronavirus and Nursing Homes – Protecting Families

Where is the deadliest place in the United States? The answer might surprise you; it is the Life Center of Kirkland (Washington) where 25 have died of coronavirus (as of March 13th). That number doesn’t include the 70 staff members who are also infected. Nursing home residents have the right to high quality medical care. Moving into a nursing home shouldn’t be a death sentence. In this post we discuss what nursing home residents and their families can expect and what rights they have during this health crisis.

Coronavirus and Energy Stocks – Did Oil’s Collapse Wipe Out Your Nest Egg?

Not all of the news surrounding the deadly pandemic is bleak. Oil prices are low meaning lower prices at the pumps. That is good if you need to travel (although many places are closed) but bad if you invested in oil and gas stocks. Many elderly investors and retirees were promised great rates of return by unscrupulous stockbrokers hoping to make a quick commission. These same stockbrokers often failed to tell investors the high volatility and risky nature of these investments. Now many investors on fixed income have seen their nest egg wiped out.

Coronavirus and Business Interruption Insurance / Insurance Bad Faith (What to Do When the Insurance Company Denies Your Claim)

Hotels are closed, airlines are cutting flights, malls are empty, theatres are shuttered, many businesses are sending workers home not for health reasons but because they have no work. This post discusses a number of legal options including business interruption insurance, the legal theory known as force majeure and civil authority claims (claims arising from government ordered closures.)

Coronavirus and Oil Patch Workers (Unpaid Overtime / Wage Theft)

With the stock market in a slump and millions of Americans suddenly working from home or under quarantine (and therefore not driving), oil prices are the lowest they have been in years. The price war between Russia and the Saudi Arabia is also leading to low energy prices. In Texas, the average gas prices today are under two bucks per gallon. Wonderful if you are a motorist but horrible if you are an oil field or oil service industry worker. Historically, many oil companies when facing a cash crunch try to short their workers. Calling workers independent contractors, “overtime exempt” or salaried are common wage theft ploys. This post examines remedies under the Fair Labor Standards Act available to workers.

Coronavirus Pharmaceutical Scams

This one has us pissed off but not surprised. Already at least two shady companies are trading off the fears of the pandemic and making false claims about their product’s ability to treat coronavirus. Giving people false hope and spreading misinformation about the virus is sick. Unfortunately, others will likely follow. (outside content)

How to Avoid Price Gouging

$200 for a can of Lysol? $300 for 2 face masks? People are hoarding and some sellers are price gouging. This USA Today post outlines best practices from becoming a victim. (We personally urge readers buying online to make sure exactly what they are getting and only buying from reputable sellers. Earlier today we were alerted to a Chinese company selling N95 respirator masks, 10 for just $15.95. Sound too good to be true? A careful look at the photo showed these were stamped “PFF-1” meaning they are rudimentary dusk masks incapable of stopping biohazards. Do your research, especially if buying something to protect your family.) (outside content)

Our commitment to our clients remains steady during these distressing times. As a nation, we will prevail. Unfortunately, there will be suffering. We are here for you and ready to help you in any way possible. While we limit our practice to a few areas of law, please feel free to write to us at if you have helpful information you think we should pass along. Even if from a competitor, we are willing to use our web power to pass along helpful and timely coronavirus legal information.