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Anatomy of a Lawsuit Against Rialto Capital Partners

Anatomy of a Lawsuit Against Rialto Capital Partners

[This post is taken from court documents and a story published by Law360. Although we represent the Plaintiffs in the lawsuits, we do not comment on pending litigation.]
Many commercial projects are financed with CMBS loans. Short for “Commercial Mortgage Backed Securities,” CMBS...

Springing Guaranties and Bad Boy Provisions

Springing Guaranties and Bad Boy Provisions

Banks want as much security as they can when they loan money. Conversely, borrowers want to avoid as much personal liability as possible. It is been that way since the beginning of banking.

One tool that has found favor in recent years is a “springing guaranty” or...

CMBS Mall Loan in Default? We Can Help

There are hundreds of troubled loans across the United States involving shopping centers and strip malls. And things are getting worse. Boston Store, K-Mart and Sears. Lose an anchor tenant and very often it is the end of the mall.

We represent property owners and not banks, loan...

CMBS Delinquencies Increase – What Can Borrowers Do?

January 2017 was another bad month for CMBS delinquencies. The percentage of loans financed with commercial mortgage backed securities that are now considered delinquent once again creeped over 3.00%. According to the trade publication Mortgage Daily, the long term outlook is even bleaker.

Another CMBS Investor Deal Heads to Special Servicer LNR Partners

Back in 2006, investing in the Little Rock Regions Bank Building sounded like a great deal. That year, the real estate market nationwide was quite hot. Few knew that within two years, the bubble would burst. In September of that year, a company called NNN 400 Capitol Center and several dozen...